Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy October 15th everyone!  It's that time of year again!!!  This is the day that I start listening to Christmas music. :)  This tradition started two years ago when I lived with Kristi Foster.  In casual conversation, we both discovered that the other had the same love for the Christmas season, especially for Christmas music.  Kristi, being a voice teacher has to work with students on preparing for Christmas recital each year so her tradition has been to start the Christmas music search on October 15th.  I loved it so much; I immediately adopted this tradition.  It's nice to have a particular date to look forward to.  Otherwise, the jolly tunes might sneak into my life even earlier.  You never know!  Anyway, after that conversation we decided that on October 14th, we would stay up until midnight and ring in the holiday season with a song dedication of sorts.  Well, we couldn't decide what song to play so at the last minute we went scrambling to her studio, pulled out the caroling books, and had our very own Christmas carol sing-along at her piano.  SUCH good memories.  
   This year was no different.  Even though Kristi and I now live 3 hours away from one another, we both stayed up until midnight, played a few Christmas tunes on our computers and wished each other a happy holiday season. :)  What a dear friend.  The Lord did a really good job when He arranged for the two of us to be friends.  I am truly blessed to know her. :)
  Even if you're not the type to pull out the Christmas music in October, I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of Chris Rice's Christmas album.  It's all instrumental - just him on the piano.  It's called The Living Room Sessions: Christmas.  SO GOOD!!  It's the first CD I listen to each year.  Happy Christmas music listening to all and to all a good night!