Friday, December 5, 2008

Am I in America?

I had a shocking experience last night.  After church, a good friend and I decided to go get some cheap ice cream at a nearby McDonalds.  We purchased our delicious treats and found a spot in the small seating area.  This particular friend is also a coworker, so I began sharing about how the sermon had challenged me in regards to my witnessing opportunities at work.  I was telling her about how recently I've felt spiritually attacked with discouragement at work and that I've been praying against that so that I can be a good Christian witness.  I was in the middle of sharing this when a women - another customer who had taken a seat a few tables away - came over to us and said, "Excuse me.  Do you know that the whole restaurant can hear you?"  I was confused.  My first thought was that we were being to loud, but that definitely was not the case.  Our conversation was of a somewhat serious matter and we hadn't been boisterous or giggly at all.  Then her comment (and really what she was implying) began to register.  I was shocked.  I just said, "  Am I offending you?"  She promptly replied, "As a matter of fact yes, you are."  I don't quite remember what I said exactly, but my friend said she was glad that I didn't apologize.  I think I just said something like, "okay," as she went back to her seat.
  I went back to finishing my story that was only half shared at this point.  I quieted my voice and tried to avoid words that I thought might offend this lady.  A few sentences in, I asked my friend if we should leave and I could finish sharing in the car.  She said, "I'm almost done.  Keep going."  That was just what I needed to help me realize that I had every right to talk about the Lord in that public place.  This is America after all!  I do believe I have the right to freedom of speech!!  I continued with my story with a new-found boldness.  I didn't shy away from using certain words and I resumed speaking in a normal volume.  We continued to share about spiritual things for the next 10 minutes or so and then left.  I couldn't bring myself to look at the lady when we left.  I will say I was a little scared of her.  Apparently, she's easily offended with religious things.
  On the way home, I was lead to pray for her.  The truth is that one day, her knee will bow and her tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord as it says in Philippians 2:10.  I just pray that she'll make that discovery sooner than later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy October 15th!

Today has been a great day!  Mostly because October 15th marks the day I start listening to Christmas music.  Don't judge too quickly.  I'm not one of those Christmas fanatics.  I don't begin decorating or anything like that until around Thanksgiving time.  I just love Christmas music and honestly, it puts me in a good mood to hear it.

Also, this day reminds me of October 15th last year when I lived with Kristi Foster.  We realized that we were both huge Christmas music fans and I quickly adopted Kristi's October 15th tradition.  It was 11:50 PM and we only had 10 minutes to figure out what song we were going to play first when the clock struck 12.  We couldn't find a recording of the Chipmunk Christmas song, so Kristi found it in a song book.  Yes, you guessed it.  At 12 we sang, "Christmas, Christmas time is here..." at the top of our lungs along with other Christmas carol favorites.  What a good memory.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A wedding in 4 days?

It still hasn't completely sunk in that my little sister is getting married on Saturday.  She's been engaged since April, but it seemed to sneak up on all of us so fast.  I'm spending my extra time this week putting some playlists together for the reception... their first dance, her dance with Dad... that's going to be so special.  I'm so excited for my sister and know that Ezra is the one for her, but it's weird to kind of let go of a chapter in our lives.  It will be different.  Good, but different.  I'm SO happy for you, Bekah.  You're going to be a beautiful bride (and your sisters will complement your beauty quite well, if you ask me.)  :)  Love you, Bek!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Phone Love

New Cell Phone!

Okay, I finally did it!  I got a phone that actually belongs in the 21st century.  Ha!  But it's true.  I had the same old phone for years and years... no camera, no display menu on the front, no video capabilities.  It barely did text messaging.  It clearly was time for me to update.  So now I can take pictures, record little 30 second videos, actually do the whole bluetooth thing and much more I'm not even aware of yet!!  Here's a few pics of me and my new phone that I love.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm officially a blogger... look at me go!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog.  Wow, I feel so official.   I feel like such an adult.  Speaking of feeling like an adult, I got my ears pierced a week ago!  Yep, I finally mustered up the strength and bravery to do it.  I'm not gonna lie - I was scared!  I tried when I was 12, but a friend accidentally stepped on my left freshly-pierced-ear and alas, my doctor informed me that it was infected.  I went home from the doctor's office with only my right ear still pierced.  The next day I realized how stupid I looked with only one earring, so I took it out and decided I probably wouldn't go through all of that again.  So here I am, 25 and just now being exposed to the wonderful world of earrings!  I can't wait till I can switch them out.  Although, I love the studs I have in right now.  My sister's wedding was a great excuse to get the job done.  Now I'll look real pretty for pictures and stuff.  It's funny how such a small little sparkly thing on each earlobe and make a girl feel so pretty... but it does. :)