Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010. A recap. 2011. An intention.

I stole this idea from my good friend, Kristi. For the last few years that I've known her, I've always looked forward to reading her New Year recap/intentions report. I had so much fun remembering this past year while writing this... so thankful for the Lord's many blessings!! Enjoy!

Shows I Did or Worked On:
42nd Street (GHC)
Little Women (Driftwood)
Dancing with the Dentist/Oly Rescue Mission Fundraiser

Places I Traveled:
Seattle – to hang out with Amy Wood (college roommate) who was visiting from Japan
Colorado – to visit my sister and brother-in-law just before their son was born

New People Enhancing My Life:
Annmarie Schasse – such a sweet woman of God that has joined me on several adventures
Kristi Foster – still my best roommate ever!
Hannah & Steven – We sit together at church almost every week!
Monty Norris – my very interesting, adventurous, intellectual, and my insanely good dancer friend.
Bekah & Ezra (my sister and brother-in-law) – continue to be my housemates that are usually always up for hanging out. I’ve had a great time living in community with them.
Callie Jones – my running buddy and someone I’ve been able to talk the practical use of the gospel with.
Peter Rodgers – what fun it is to be co-teaching 5 & 6-year-olds at church together this year!
Rosa – she has prayed for me, cooked for me, and encouraged me this year. I’m not sure if I’ve been able to repay her dear friendship to me.
Beth Born – a dear friend with whom I wish I could visit with more often
Jamie Quigg – always fun to catch up with her over some delicious lemon drops.
Ben, Aaron, & Grace - my nephews and niece are so fun! It's so cool to get to know them as their little personalities are developing.

Sorrows & Services:
Grandma Cookie – passed away in April. She went in her sleep and was 92.
Wiz – was put down in December. She was an old kitty with growing health issues.

none to report. ;o)

- Was awarded Driftwoods “Best Actress in a Leading Role” as Jo March in “Little Women”
- Ran the Seattle Half Marathon in November!

New Experiences:
- Going brown! I dyed my hair dark brown in November and may never go back – I love it that much!
- I spent the summer months studying Argentine tango.
- Training for a half marathon!!
- I tried kereoke at a bar for the first time this summer!

Non-Show Related Jobs Held:
- Quigg Bros, Inc. – Celebrating the Lord’s provision of a “normal” office job – been employed for over a year!
- Teaching 2 jazz classes at Gayle Russell Dance Academy
- Taught a 5-week partner dancing series at Gayle Russell Dance Academy

Favorite Memories:
- Discovering that Suzanne and Kevin are expecting their first!
- Hearing that Matt and Anna are expecting their fourth!
- Skyping with my dear friend from Japan – Amy Wood
- Auditioning for Capital Playhouse in Olympia
- Memorial weekend retreat in Cle Ellem with my community group from church
- Tango at the Fountain at Sunset – I got wet!
- Caroling
- Megan’s bachelorette party

Concerts/Shows I Attended:
Beauty & the Beast – CYT (Vanc. East)
Alice – CYT (Vanc.)
Once Upon a Mattress – Saint Martins University
The Foreigner – Driftwood Theater
Suessical – CYT (Portland)
A Chorus Line – Grays Harbor College
Suessical – Capital Playhouse (KAP)
Burn the Floor National Tour – 5th Avenue Theater
The Matchmaker – Driftwood Theater
Little Women – Tumwater High School
Little Women – Captial Playhouse

Megan Conley & Andy Frieberg – July 17th
Claire Backholm & Jase Mickener – September 5th
Abigail Simon & Kameron Covall – September 10th
Susannah Simon & Jerrod Green – December 17th

Books I've Read:
Abba’s Child – Brennan Manning
Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers
Walking With God – Still working on this one

I wish I wouldn’t have been sick so much this year. I think I could have prioritized sleep a bit more. I wish I would have made more time for reading and less time facebooking. Also, I wish I would have continued to cook good, healthy dinners like I was doing at the beginning of the year.

Overall: 2010 was a year full of things I loved – swing dancing, theater opportunities, time with family. It also was a year of significant personal and spiritual growth – continuing to learn how to accept/receive God’s grace that is SO undeserved!!

The Drowsy Chaperone
Relocating to Olympia
Auditioning in the Olympia theater scene
Africa summer missions trip!!
Hadley family vacation – Sun River!!

Intentions for 2011
1.) Focusing on getting my knee healed up so that I can start exercising/training again
2.) Save for a new laptop
3.) Continue to work on sticking to my budget
4.) Be more consistent with my “God time” in the mornings
5.) Create time for reading
6.) Cook more!
7.) Continue to hope for the godly man the Lord has for me…even if he’s no where to be found right now. ☺