Sunday, December 13, 2009

Come and meet those dancin' feet.

I just auditioned for this year's community theater musical at Grays Harbor College - 42nd Street.  What a fun week of auditions and callbacks.  I'm not gonna lie; I was super nervous and definitely had my little bobbles along the way, but I received a callback and even read for the lead role of the show, Peggy Sawyer.  I realized that though I've been working in theater, I haven't done any cold reading for at least 5 years!  Participating in auditions and evaluating auditioners are COMPLETELY two different things!  Well, I'm delighted to announce that I was cast as Peggy Sawyer!!!  Rehearsals will start next month and the performances will be held at the Bishop Center for Performing Arts on the Grays Harbor College campus in Aberdeen, WA.  My sister, Bekah and my dad both auditioned and also received speaking roles.  Come see the Hadfam tap, sing, and act... if you want.  Performances will run the first two weekends of March.  Tickets are on sale here!