Thursday, November 19, 2009


Summer feels so far away now that the relentless Aberdeen rains have set in.  I love the rain though.  Especially when I can listen to it from indoors.  Before summer becomes too much of a distant memory, I want to share about my summer trip to Japan.

I went to Japan to visit my roommate from college and dear friend, Amy.  It's been several years since our good old college days and it was time for me to see her home, family, friends, beautiful country, and experience life with her in Japan.  Life in Japan is quite different!  Some of my favorite experiences: 1) Riding the trains everywhere!  It got pretty crowded at times, but Amy said it wasn't nearly as bad as it can be.  I guess when you can count 12 other bodies touching yours, then you can say it's crowded.  2) Using Japanese currency.  Way tricky for me - I felt so helpless and Amy helped me a lot by helping me pay for things I wanted to purchase.  3) Meeting Lucy, Amy's cute little dog!  She's so adorable.  4) Going to Disneyland Japan - all the familiar Disney characters on the rides and in the parades spoke Japanese!  Did you know that Whiney the Pooh speaks fluent Japanese?!?!  That was a new one for me - ya learn something new everyday.  5) Swimming in the Pacific ocean... on the other side of course.  6) And just hanging out and visiting with Amy and her parents.

Other experiences that didn't make my favorite list yet were memorable: 1) Surviving the HUGE spiders at camp.  I'm SO SCARED of spiders and these guys were the size of my palm and bigger.  One really freaked me out by crawling out of the toilet bowl right before I sat down!!!  2) Losing my luggage on my way there and even when I got back.  I was able to recover my belongings both times, but inconvenient for sure!  Experiencing ofura - a traditional bath house in Japan.  All us girls showered together at camp... let's just say I stood out as the big, white one.  3) Being exposed to the swing flu while counseling at a high school camp.  We had to all go home early because of a swing flu outbreak among some of the campers and counselors.  The good news is that Amy and I stayed healthy!!

Amy was a wonderful host.  We spent a week as counselors for a camp, a weekend in quarantine at her house, and then Amy had the rest of our days together planned out full of all kinds of adventures.  We went city sight-seeing as well as venturing into the countryside with her parents.  We went shopping, ate sushi, and talked a lot.  It was a perfect visit!  I definitely want to go back.  I'm just sad I didn't visit her sooner.  My first overseas experience was good even though my luggage was lost and I was expose to the swine flu.  Oh well.  All of that made for some great memories.  Here are a few pictures from my time in Japan.