Sunday, July 20, 2014

Don't worry! Leavenworth did not burn down!

The forrest fires have been intense over here! However, contrary to misleading news reports, Leavenworth did not burn down this past week nor is it in any immediate danger of doing so. There are a lot of fire fighters working hard to contain three different fires around us. The smoke has been the biggest problem here in Leavenworth. Thankfully, the air seems to be completely clear today! It's nice to see blue sky again. Here are some images I captured this week!
This final picture was the view from backstage on Wednesday for Fiddler's opening night!
Earlier in the week (before the smoke moved in) we went floating down Icicle River, which runs through Leavenworth - just south of downtown! In fact we went floating a couple days in a row.
As you can tell, we had a great time! We had as many as nine of us one day - all with our own floats - sunglasses on, iced tea in hand, - all connected with rope like a big floating barge! Tuesday was the last day I had free before heading back to the box office full time, so we were sure to float that day! Afterward, we ended up getting a late lunch together at one of the BEST restaurants in town - Heidleburger Drive-In! What a great day!
The days AND nights continue to be really hot! (Especially before the fires started.) Wearing my nun costume was a bit torturous last weekend. I couldn't wait for the sun to set... but even then it stayed super warm. One night as I was walking to my car after the show, I checked the temperature and it was 90 degrees still at 10:45pm!
So I found some running buddies! James and his wife, Mary are marathon runners. He is in Fiddler on the Roof with me, and both their kids are in Sound of Music and Fiddler. James kept telling me about the amazing views from the trails they've been running until finally we arranged for me to join them on one of their "easy days." We ran over 6.5 miles that day. Then, a few days later we ran over 9 miles!! I haven't run that far in about 4 years when I trained for the Seattle half marathon! I had to ask that we take walking breaks from time to time, but I made it and the views were incredible!
In other news, Fiddler on the Roof opened on Wednesday!! We had what seemed like a long run of dress rehearsals (I think mostly because it was so hot and muggy), but I managed to capture some fun moments!
I need to give photo credit to our director, Phil Lacey for the picture of me and Motel on the left.
We had two Fiddler performances this week - Wednesday and Friday, and two Sound of Music performances - Thursday and Saturday. Starting on Tuesday, we will have a 5-day straight show run - alternating back and forth with The Sound of Music and Fiddler!
I was so happy that my friend Kristi could come over to see my opening night of Fiddler! My host family graciously allowed her to stay with us. We stayed up way too late talking, and then in the morning grabbed breakfast and coffee at Good Mood Food - a local bakery. And guess what? They serve Batdorf and Bronson coffee! I was in heaven!!
Meanwhile, the fires nearby were really starting to create a lot of problems. After saying goodbye to Kristi Thursday morning, I headed to the box office for what turned into a pretty awful day. We were getting a lot of people calling wanting a refund on their tickets or an exchange for a different show, due to the smoke. Well, the powers that be decided that we would go on with the show that night, so that meant that our no refunds or exchanges policy held. I felt bad telling so many people that we couldn't refund or exchange their tickets. I definitely needed that excellent cup of coffee!
And so... the show must go on! We performed The Sound of Music to a very grateful crowd that night even though there were pieces of ash falling from the sky in the earlier part of the evening. But by intermission, we had clear sky above us! The theater provided masks for us for pre-show rehearsals and for backstage. As my brother said, "A little different health care plan, but health care nonetheless!"

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