Thursday, July 10, 2014

1 Show Open, 1 More to Go!

Warning: this is going to be a longer post since it's been a while since I've blogged. BUT, I have lots of pictures and fun info!

Sound of Music opening weekend was a blast! I think the performances went well and the audiences seemed to have a lot of fun. In addition to being Sister Margaretta, I get to be a "dresser nun," meaning I've been assigned to help Marta with her costumes changes. Pictured below are the two girls playing Marta that I get the privilege to work with. They are both so sweet and I have really enjoyed getting to know them better. The top picture was taken during the party scene when ALMOST the entire cast is on stage... we are the uninvited left-overs. I'm trying not to be sad about it. Susan who plays the Mother Abbess, has provided a party snack to share every night during that scene and ensures us that we are having the better party backstage. Love these new theater friends!

A really special treat was having my Dad come to town for the opening show of The Sound of Music. Since my mom was in Colorado, he figured he'd get out of town too and visit me! It was so good to hang out with him for the day and then having him there for my first performance with LST. We spent the day walking around town. I took him to some of my favorite places and then we drove out Icicle Road and even did a tiny hike. It was a beautiful day! He even brought me flowers!

A really fun event that I was invited to participate in was a Soiree for the LST donors. I was asked to perform a few songs from both The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof. It was at the beautiful Icicle Ridge Winery! I loved getting a chance to dress up with a few of my fellow cast members, and also meet and thank some of the people that have made this summer's LST season possible.

Fun update from back home! My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their 5th child into the world early Tuesday morning, July 8th. They had a beautiful, healthy baby girl, Hannah Faith Hadley!
I am so happy for them! This makes me an Aunt for the 9th time - just one more summer baby to go! My older sister is due in just a few weeks!

Leavenworth is starting to get REALLY hot! I put sunblock on everyday and if I'm at one of the theaters in the evening (which is nearly every night these days), bug spray is a must! Here's a pretty cool thing! A few weeks ago, I went to this cool coffee tasting room in town - J5. While I was there, I signed up for a drawing to win a pound of coffee and a bag. Well, I won!! I've used the bag while visiting shops downtown and can't wait to drink the yummy coffee!!

Yesterday, I went to Leavenworth with a bunch of girls I've met through the shows we're working on. We spent most of our time at Lake Chelan State Park. We packed a picnic lunch and had a great time getting to know each other better. We ate, laid out in the sun, and swam...and then repeated this pattern several times! We also went into Lake Chelan and finished our visit with some ice cream.
We left with plenty of time to get showers and regroup before our evening rehearsal - cue-to-cue for Fiddler. Well, all was going according to plan until we got half way home. About 10 cars up ahead, they started turning cars around. They had just closed the highway down due to a fire burning dangerously close to the road! We had to take an alternate route that caused us to barely make it to rehearsal on time! What an adventure. Here are some pictures I took from the car on our way back to Leavenworth.
This fire isn't too close to Leavenworth and it's moving east - away from here. I ran up ski hill road for my run this morning and this was the view of the fire.

I've been working a few days a week at the box office again! Yay! Though balancing work and rehearsals has made me busier, I'm still finding time for myself. I go running and then conveniently end at one of two places for coffee - Blackbird Bistro or Starbucks. Starbucks has been a more regular spot since I got some gift cards recently!! I've been reading through the Bible with a friend this year. We decided to follow a plan that takes you through it chronologically. It has been so cool to read the Old Testament stories and to see God's meticulous and loving plan for His people unfold. I just pull it up on my phone and read, sip, and take in the beautiful mountainous landscape. My favorite! This alone time has been so refreshing and keeps me going during these busy days.

Opening night for Fiddler on the RooF is less than a week away! We just started rehearsals on the stage last night. It's going to be a fun week putting the finishing touches on this beautiful story. I know I've said it before but outdoor theater is the best!
The gal in the picture with me is Kaylene. She's playing the role of Chava and is doing a beautiful job. Uh, she makes me cry every time they run the scene where she begs her father, Tevye to accept her and her Russian husband. Ugh. Breaks my heart every time he refuses her. It's sad... but it's a joyful and humorous show too, so come see it if you get the chance!

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