Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fun with friends in Leavenworth!

What a fun few weeks it has been! My friend, Heather and her parents were able to come see Fiddler and Sound of Music. My pastor and his family came to see Sound of Music the same night. The funny and memorable thing about that performance was that it poured the last 20 minutes of the show!
I mean, it was REALLY RAINING... but the show must go on!

It was great to have my friend Callie in town with her family! What a dear friend she is! We went running a couple times and I got to hang out with her kids. Pictured below with me is her oldest, Kayla and her friend, Josie. They are my special ballet buddies!
Then, a few days later, my family came to visit! I was so excited for my parents and my sister to see both shows I've been working so hard on all summer. They saw Sound of Music the first night...
and Fiddler the second night.
It was great to have time to just hang out and visit. I got to spend time with my parents at their hotel (and partake in their amazing breakfasts each morning). I also got to show them all of my favorite places in town.
And then I had a really great time hanging out with my sister and her family. Her little guys are so cute! Also, she's got such a great husband. Ezra was so sweet to make the trip to Leavenworth and then babysit their kids both nights so that Bekah could see the shows. She's got a keeper!
In the midst of a busy show schedule, a few of us were able to get away to audition for Tacoma Musical Playhouse! They allowed us to have a special morning audition time since we needed to be back for a show that night! Here's the crazy gang I carpooled with...
We needed Starbucks because we were all up before 6am in order to get to Tacoma in time for our morning audition appointment.
So, I had a birthday! Yep... I guess I say I turned 29 from now on, right? I had a great day traveling back to Tacoma for a callback at TMP in the evening. My friend Beth was available to meet up in the afternoon, so we had a great time walking along the water at Ruston Way and then having a late lunch.
It was so good to catch up with this beautiful gal and hear what she's up to these days.
So now I'm back in Leavenworth about to start a four-show-days-in-a-row stretch! In fact, I better start getting ready to get to the theater!

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